WP2 – Cryosphere-ocean interaction

Work Package 2 WP2 – Cryosphere-ocean interaction, processes and feedbacks focuses on the key role that ice sheet-ocean interaction plays in melting ice shelves and the export and freshwater distribution of icebergs.

Innovative AUV deployments under ‘warm’ ice shelves and the first such observations targeted at grounded icebergs will be conducted (supported by South Korean partners), along with observations of ‘cold’ ice shelf cavity circulation, isotopic concentrations and mixing via a Norwegian supported borehole.

These observations will push forward the state-of-the-art in model basal melt tuning and the development of new parameterisations of iceberg dynamics and oxygen isotope tracking for key community models (NEMO, UKESM). These in turn will inform WP4-6 modelling, examining future ice sheet dynamics and climate coupling.