WP3 – Ice sheet mass balance

WP3 Ice sheet mass balance, forcing and dynamics (O3) will provide updated values and uncertainties for freshwater fluxes from the AIS to the ocean over the satellite observational period to the present day, including surface melt and runoff, ice flow, basal melt and calving.

This will be informed by new and existing EO data from ESA CCI and the Copernicus climate change service (e.g. surface elevation change, grounding line location, surface damage, basal melt rates) and the collation of currently disparate datasets (e.g. ApRES ice radar, shallow ice cores and stake observations) together with model outputs.

WP3 will assess uncertainty in the updated freshwater fluxes and will deliver improved dynamical ice sheet model process representation (surface and subglacial freshwater discharge) and initialisations to WP2, 4, 6.