WP6 – Role of Antarctica in the global climate

Work Package 6 – Role of Antarctica in the global climate: long-term impacts of short-term decision-making (O6) will quantify the impact of changes in the freshwater fluxes, including icebergs, from Antarctica on the global climate system.

Insights and model developments from WP1-5 will be incorporated into a coupled ice sheet-ocean model (BISICLES and NEMO) to determine spatially and temporally resolved freshwater and iceberg flux fields. Wider future global impacts and feedbacks upon the AIS will be quantified up to the year 2300 using the UKESM ESM fully coupled with ice sheet model BISICLES, and for millennial timescales using the PISM-MOMcoupled ice sheet-ocean model.

The impact analysis will specifically include interactions with other tipping elements in the Earth System such as the AMOC, and provide an improved understanding and quantification of potential impacts on global and regional temperatures, SLR and the global ocean circulation and water mass properties.