WP8 – Science coordination

Work Package 8 – Science coordination (O7) will ensure that WP1-6 maintain scientific coherency throughout OCEAN:ICE, by hosting project meetings, scientific workshops and conference sessions bringing together OCEAN:ICE researchers and external collaborators.

While WPs are arranged around scientific themes and interact explicitly through deliverables, there are several cross-cutting scientific storylines where work packages would benefit from enhanced communications and collaboration. WP8 will facilitate cross WP collaboration on four thematic storylines that cross-cut work packages and objectives.

These are:

  • ice sheet to ocean freshwater fluxes and feedbacks (WP1-6),
  • dense water formation, export and overturning (WP1,2,5),
  • oxygen isotope exploitation (WP2,5)
  • ice sheet-climate linkages (WP1-6).

WP8 will coordinate with WP9 to:

  • a) deliver scientific outputs for dissemination to local, regional and international policymakers and;
  • b) ensure optimum outreach to all project stakeholders.