Ocean-Cryosphere Exchanges in ANtarctica: Impacts on Climate and the Earth System


OCEAN:ICE is a new Horizon Europe project, funded by the European Commission and UKRI. The project started on the 1st of November 2022 and will run for 4 years until 31st October 2026.


OCEAN:ICE focuses on understanding how the Antarctic ice sheet and the surrounding Southern Ocean influence our global climate and reduce the level of uncertainty around how much the Antarctic ice sheet will melt in the coming centuries. OCEAN:ICE considers the critical role of feedbacks between ocean circulation, ice sheet change and tipping points and the global climate.

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OCEAN:ICE Objectives Overview

Ocean Processes around Antarctica

Antarctic ice sheet-ocean interactions

Antarctic ice sheet modelling and freshwater fluxes

Future fluxes and stability of Antarctic ice sheet

Ice sheet impact on global ocean circulation

Ice sheet-ocean-climate impacts and tipping points

Ice sheet-ocean-climate impacts and tipping points


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