Deliverables and Milestones

The progress and results of OCEAN:ICE are published in deliverables and milestone reports.

Report on OCEAN:ICE First Policy Briefing. The Changing Poles: How Antarctic and Arctic Science Helps to Inform and Prepare the EU for Changes in Sea Level Rise and the Global Climate (D9.6)

As part of the dissemination and outreach activities enumerated in Work Package 9 of the EU-funded Horizon Europe OCEAN:ICE project, the European Polar Board (EPB) organised a policy briefing to highlight the work, goals, and relevance of OCEAN:ICE to the public. The event was titled, “The Changing Poles: how Antarctic and Arctic science helps to inform and prepare the EU for changes in sea level rise and the global climate”. The event was held in the European Parliament’s main building on 24 January, 2024 from 14:15 to 16:00 CET. The aim of the policy briefing was to raise the profile of the project, as well as to signpost project progress, expected outcomes, and links to EU policy priorities. The policy briefing was held in-person and online. As such, the policy briefing’s main audience was the European Institutions, and several high-profile EU decisionmakers were speakers. The policy briefing was streamed online, ensuring a wide reach and dissemination.


The Changing Poles: How Antarctic and Arctic Science Helps to Inform and Prepare the EU for Changes in Sea Level Rise and the Global Climate

24 January 2024: Policy briefing. This policy briefing has been organised by the European Polar Board (EPB) with assistance from the European Parliament Intergroup European Bureau for Conservation and Development (EBCD) on behalf of the EU-funded projects OCEAN:ICE and Arctic PASSION.


Instrument Deployment through Fimbul Ice Shelf Borehole (MS4)

This milestone report explains the work planned and performed during the 2023-24 Antarctic season. Task 2.4 "Observing the ocean beneath the sea ice fasten to grounded icebergs" is to deploy oceanographic instrumentation into the water column beneath Fimbul Ice Shelf, with the aim of studying the interaction between the base of the ice shelf and the ocean.


Deployment of the AUV in the Amundsen Sea (MSA3)

This is a preliminary report on the Milestone MSa3


OCEAN:ICE Annual Project Meeting 1 (MS18)

The consortium met at Sorbonne University in Paris on the 25-26 October 2023. This event was also held virtually via Zoom. This meeting was organised in collaboration with the consortium for the H2020-funded project SO-CHIC allowing for overlap to encourage knowledge exchange, collaboration and networking. The meeting was in conjunction with the H2020 project SO-CHIC annual meeting (23-24 October 2023) and a jointly organised scientific conference on 24-25 October 2023. The event brought together several Southern Ocean and cryosphere scientists from OCEAN:ICE, SO-CHIC, but also from other projects funded by the European Union, the European Space Agency, UK Research and Innovation, and related projects from the EU Polar Cluster and beyond. The proceedings of the SO-CHIC and OCEAN:ICE Joint Project Conference are going to be made available in the OCEAN:ICE Zenodo community Ocean-Cryosphere Exchanges in Antarctica: Impacts on Climate and the Earth System in the upcoming weeks.


Data Inventory (D7.6)

This document presents the result of the analysis of the available in situ data in the area and scope of the OCEAN:ICE; it describes how to access these data, including links to sources, and presents a simplified data ingestion procedure to facilitate data exchange across the OCEAN:ICE community and stakeholders, according to FAIR principles and adopting common standards.

Disclaimers: The document presents the status at the time of writing. The OCEAN:ICE data infrastructure will be continuously updated with other ingested/rescued datasets, updates are planned with the updates of the data management plan. The analysis focuses on in situ data only.


Delivery of basal ice sheet melt flux (MS7)

Data on melt-water production has been made available and uploaded to the data servers. A detailed description of the new water-routing algorithm has been attached to this report, and circulated among project partners. Zenodo.

OCEAN:ICE Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy (EDI) (D9.9)

OCEAN:ICE aims to create a collaborative atmosphere that welcomes diversity of thought and allows everyone to thrive, no matter their background or characteristics and uphold excellence in the science that we do together. The present document presents the OCEAN:ICE Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy. The policy is published on the project website and it is a living document. Zenodo.

Fast-Track data delivery on ice dynamic fluxes (MS5)

Milestone report on the fast-track data delivery on ice dynamic fluxes. This milestone is a dataset which has been made available to consortium partners on the project server of partner ETT for download via an FTP. Zenodo.

IACS/IAPSO/OCEAN:ICE joint session at IUGG OCEAN:ICE interactions - Ice sheet impacts on ocean circulation and climate feedbacks (MS26)

Milestone report on the IACS/IAPSO/OCEAN:ICE joint session at the IUGG OCEAN:ICE interactions – Ice sheet impacts on ocean circulation and climate feedbacks JP03/JP04 Breakout Discussion Session. Zenodo.

Workshop with ESA CCI and EO on ice shelf mass balance (MS6)

Report on the Workshop with ESA CCI and EO on ice shelf mass balance (Milestone MS6) Zenodo.

Data Management Plan

Data management plan (Deliverable D7.1). Zenodo.

OCEAN:ICE Kick-off meeting report (MS17)

OCEAN:ICE Kick-off meeting report (Milestone MS17). Zenodo.

Proceedings: Southern Ocean & Antarctica Joint Workshop

Proceedings: Southern Ocean & Antarctica Joint Workshop. Zenodo.