OCEAN:ICE Breakers

OCEAN:ICE Breakers is a knowledge series aiming to break down the into tangible and digestible content. Find the latest OCEAN:ICE Breakers here.

OCEAN:ICE Objective 5

Objective 5 aims to assess how global ocean circulation is impacted by freshwater discharge from the northern and southern ice sheets. Map the pathways and variability of Antarctic Bottom Water as it spreads north. Assess how this and other freshwater input modifies climatically relevant ocean features such as North Atlantic Deep Water formation, the deep overturning circulation, the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) and AMOC up to millennial timescales.

OCEAN:ICE Objective 4

Objective 4 aims to quantify AIS melt sensitivity to climate forcing and reduce the ‘deep uncertainty’ in freshwater flux and SLR projections to 2300. By combining newly developed coupled ice sheet-ocean models with innovative quantification of uncertainty and improved initialisation setups. This will produce projections of the contributions by basal meltwater, iceberg calving and surface runoff for a range of future climate scenarios, including tipping points.

OCEAN:ICE Objective 3

Objective 3 sets out to improve representation of AIS dynamics and integrate this knowledge into ice sheet and coupled ice sheet-climate models. By using new and existing datasets to improve ice sheet model initialisation and quantifying the uncertainty in present day freshwater fluxes from Antarctica due to climate variability, dynamical processes (calving, ice flow) and surface/basal mass balance (surface runoff, basal melt).

OCEAN:ICE Objective 2

The second objective of OCEAN:ICE aims to improve critical ice sheet-ocean processes in numerical models, using historical observations and new data sets obtained in the project. Particularly under warm and cold ice shelves and around grounded icebergs, including vertical/horizontal mixing, ocean heat delivery, iceberg interactions with sea-ice and bathmetry and basal melt. Implement these improvements in coupled ice sheet-ocean and ice sheet-climate models.

OCEAN:ICE Objective 1

This OCEAN:ICE Breaker starts to dive into the 7 specific objectives of OCEAN:ICE. Objective 1 aims to reduce the spatial and knowledge gaps in ocean observations around Antarctica, particularly relating to ice sheet-ocean interaction and deep water formation and export. This will assess the oceanic controls on heat and freshwater delivery to and from 'cold' (e.g. Weddell Sea) as well as 'warm' (Amundsen Sea) sites of ice sheet-ocean interaction around Antarctica, and the processes that control mixing, water mass formation and export over the continental shelves and subpolar basins.

Who is involved in OCEAN:ICE?

This OCEAN:ICE Breaker dives into the project members who make up the OCEAN:ICE team. Find out which organisations are involve in making OCEAN:ICE a reality.

What will OCEAN:ICE do?

This OCEAN:ICE Breaker explores the mission behind OCEAN:ICE and what the project sets out to do.

What is the motivation behind OCEAN:ICE?

In this OCEAN:ICE Breakers, we introduce the driving motivation behind the Horizon Europe project, OCEAN:ICE.


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