18 October 2023, UN Ocean Decade’s OceanPractices: OBPS Workshop VII – Focus Session

Save the date and join us online on 18 October 2023 from 14:00 to 16:00 (CET) where OCEAN:ICE will be collaborating alongside other projects and initiatives for our focus session on "Exploring Ocean-Climate Dynamics: Observations, Collaboration, and Policy Implications".

Session Description

The main objective of this focus session will highlight the important role that the ocean plays in the global and regional climate, and stresses the need for measuring and observing the status of oceanic properties. Satellite and in-situ observations provide key data that can be used in climate models, climate services, evaluating and forecasting tipping points and for decision-making at national and international levels.

The session will reflect on the importance of international science collaboration in informing the above efforts, and explore opportunities for further cooperation with a view to developing joint solutions to common challenges.

Individual speakers will focus on specific aspects within their expertise, but together these presentations will provide a coherent overview of the interconnectedness and complexity of the ocean and climate on the global scale.

Desired outcomes from the session will be: 

  • Increased understanding of how important the ocean and observations of its properties and circulation are for the global climate and particularly the regional climate. From satellite observations to in-situ observations. For example, the strength and properties of ocean circulation between the Atlantic and Arctic basins are important for the regional climate of north-west Europe or how ocean observations of the interactions between the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic Ice Sheet are used to improve coupled ice sheet-ocean and ice sheet-climate models to reduce deep uncertainties. 
  • Increased awareness of marine science collaboration to date, and how its findings can inform climate research in other geographies.
  • Develop recommendations to policy-makers as to how continued collaboration and sustained ocean observations can inform climate action and adaptation.

The research community working on these topics are well connected and we would invite a diverse range of participants to ensure representation from across disciplines, and countries.

We aim to showcase the latest scientific evidence in an easy-to-understand format. 

Confirmed Speakers

The session will be comprised by a series of 'elevator pitch' presentations by scientists from:

  • Ana Oliveira (+Colab Atlantic)
  • Andrew Meijers (BAS)
  • Chongyuang Mao (UK Met Office)
  • Gerard McCarthy (Maynooth University)
  • Inga Lips (EuroGOOS)

Presentations are expected to be 10 minutes and will be followed by a 40- 60 minute Q&A/panel discussion.

Registration and Zoom Link

The event is open for all.

Read about the Ocean Practices: OBSP Workshop VII here.