IMDIS 2024

From May 27th to 29th, 2024, in Bergen, Norway, the OCEAN:ICE project partner, ETT, participated in IMDIS 2024, the International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems. This conference, held every three years, brings together experts in information technology, marine data management, research, environmental protection, and more. The event provided updates on ocean data standards, products, services, and the activities of marine infrastructures and observational systems.

ETT’s R&D Manager in SmartCity & Sustainability, Antonio Novellino, presented three posters, including one on observations of the Southern Ocean titled 'Information Systems and Tools to Support Antarctic Communities', in the session 'Technical Developments for Marine Information and Data Management.' The presentation highlighted significant advancements in data management and the development of tools designed to support the Antarctic research community.

The poster, titled 'Information Systems and Tools to Support Antarctic Communities', showcased the collaborative efforts of multiple international projects and organizations, including SOOS, SO-CHIC, EMODnet, and OCEAN:ICE. Together, they emphasised the importance of integrated and multidisciplinary observations of the Southern Ocean to understand its state, variability, and broader climatic impacts.

A key feature of the poster was the SOOSmap portal, a central tool in the Southern Ocean data ecosystem, which integrates data from initiatives like SOCAT, GLODAP, GOSUD, ASPeCt, MEOP, NECKLACE, and more. Developed with the support of the SO-CHIC project, OCEAN:ICE project, and EMODnet Physics, SOOSmap provides access to a broad spectrum of data products from various oceanographic platforms. The portal allows users to visualise and download data, highlighting gaps in observations and fostering new collaborations. It serves as both an educational resource and a critical tool for the scientific community.

The authors of the poster are Antonio Novellino, Rachele Bordoni, Giulia Dapueto, Beatrice Maddalena Scotto, Petra ten Hoopen, Jean-Baptiste Sallée, Andrew Meijers, and Ruth Mottram.