OCEAN:ICE – Early Adopter of the EU Open Research Repository Pilot

OCEAN:ICE is very proud to be an early adopter of the EU Open Research Repository Pilot. The status of early adopter will allow OCEAN:ICE to share more broadly its results via an enhanced version of Zenodo by setting up a trusted repository within Zenodo. The mission of the repository is to support the implementation of the EU's open science policy, providing a trusted and comprehensive space for researchers to share their research outputs such as data, software, reports, presentations, posters and more. The EU Open Research Repository simplifies the process of complying with open science requirements, ensuring that research outputs from Horizon Europe are freely accessible, thereby accelerating scientific discovery and innovation.

The EU Open Research Repository serves as a complementary platform to the Open Research Europe (ORE) publishing platform. ORE focuses on providing a publishing venue for peer-reviewed articles, ensuring that research meets rigorous academic standards. The EU Open Research Repository provides a space for all the other research outputs including data sets, software, posters, and presentations that are out of scope for ORE. This holistic approach enables researchers to not only publish their findings but also share the underlying data and materials that support their work, fostering transparency and reproducibility in the scientific process. 

The advantages of becoming an early adopter are the following:

  • OCEAN:ICE will gain visibility and impact for your project by grouping all our results and making them easy to find and cite for everyone.
  • OCEAN:ICE will be able to share and preserve all the research outputs from the EU-funded project in a single trusted repository which supports the FAIR principles and complies with the Open Science requirements.
  • All presentations and reports in Zenodo are integrated with OpenAIRE and are immediately indexed into the EU Open Research Repository.
  • Ensure compliance with the related open science requirements in the Horizon Europe grant agreement.

Currently in its pilot phase and set to be fully operational during autumn 2024, the EU Open Research Repository is constantly evolving. Efforts are committed to integrating cutting-edge features, including automated curation checks and FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) assistance, to further support the research community. The goal is to provide researchers with a simple go to solution for making their publicly funded research open and as FAIR as possible. The EU Open Research Repository is in a pilot phase and expected to be fully operational in autumn 2024. The community is managed by CERN on behalf of the European Commission. Becoming an early adopted is a way to help other projects in the future in benefiting from the repository. The work on the Pilot is funded by the European Union under grant agreement no. 101122956 (HORIZON-ZEN).


The EU Open Research Repository

The author of the article - Chiara Bearzotti (DMI)