Researcher in the Spotlight: Jing Jin

Jing, please introduce yourself. 

I'm Jing Jin, a postdoc at University of Liverpool. I'm a polar oceanographer and climate modeller. 

Tell us about your professional and academic career before becoming part of the OCEAN:ICE community.  

I finished my PhD at University of Bristol in 2024. My research focus was Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica during my PhD. I used a regional ocean model to understand the present and future changes in Amery basal melting. 

What do you do within OCEAN:ICE? 

I'm in work package 6, investigating the impact of freshwater fluxes from Antarctic ice loss on global ocean and atmosphere by 2300. I primarily work on running a fully-coupled UKESM model with an interactive icesheet component, analysing model outputs and understanding the processes causing future changes in Antarctic glaciers and global climate. 

What have you enjoyed about OCEAN:ICE so far?

It is a great opportunity for me to learn to run UKESM model. The learning process is exciting, but painful, but exciting. I've enjoyed looking at the model data and doing science about ice shelf, ocean, etc. And it's a pleasure to work with many supportive and lovely people. 

Tell us about a skill or trait unique to you that you would like to share? 

Not unique at all I would say. I'm good at making friends with dogs (probably just because dogs enjoy befriending humans).  

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