The National Antarctic Scientific Center of Ukraine Joins OCEAN:ICE 

OCEAN:ICE is delighted to welcome a new partner to OCEAN:ICE this month.  The National Antarctic Scientific Center of Ukraine (NASC) joins OCEAN:ICE and helps to make us a truly circum-Antarctic project. Under the widening access programme of Horizon Europe, NASC has joined as full partner and will contribute both fieldwork and deployment of ocean floats as well as meteorological observations and analysis of extreme events around the peninsula. The key task of NASC is, using the logistical support of its research vessel ‘Noosfera’, to build a bridge between practical measurements in the ocean, using ocean floats, and theoretical modelling, such as state-of-the-art particle tracking model, under ice shelves. Some of you may already know our new colleagues via other Horizon Europe projects that NASC also participates in, but we hope to profile the NASC team in next month’s newsletter and welcome them in person to the annual project meeting in Copenhagen, 23-25 September 2024. 

Evgen Dykyi, the director of NASC: ‘Now humanity faces a difficult time: when some act to solve global problems such as climate change and relevant sea level rise, others call us back to dark times full of wars, violence and authoritarianism. Ukraine is now on the front line of this battle of visions for the future. So even in these hard times for us it is really important to contribute to the world science and solution of global problems and we are happy to have this new opportunity to cooperate, share and investigate together within OCEAN:ICE’

The funding comes from Horizon Europe programme, from the call HORIZON-WIDERA-2023-ACCESS-06-01